Why Sushi No Rice

People are more aware than ever of their health and dietary choices. This has lead to the rise of two remarkable groups of diets. The first encompasses low carbohydrate diets such as Keto (low carb, high fat), Paleo, Zero-Carb (Carnivore), Atkins, or the general removal of processed food and sugar in favour of natural ingredients and home preparation.

The second encompasses Plant-based diets including Veganism, Vegetarianism, Pescetarianism or some variant therein that focuses both on health as well as environmentally-conscious choices.

Each of these dietary lifestyles continues to gain awareness and popularity across the globe. Despite this, it is still difficult to achieve and sustainably maintain these dietary goals in large portions of the world. This can be especially difficult while traveling or moving to countries where the majority of common diet is carbohydrate or meat based.

Our intention is neither to condone nor condemn any specific diet or lifestyle. Neither do we wish to convince or cajole those that are content with their lifestyle. 

Sushi No Rice is about education, examination, and choice. We are committed to portraying our experience, knowledge, and the facts as we currently know them to the best of our ability. People are then welcome to make the choice they deem most fit to achieve their goals. Whether those may be personal health, impact on society, or simple awareness.

Who We Are

Better to start with who we are not. We are not personal trainers. We are not doctors. We are not dieticians, scientists, or self-proclaimed experts in nutrition and health. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, we are normal people. We do a normal amount of exercise, do our best to do well in our careers, get a healthy amount of sleep, eat well, and overall maintain a healthy life style that gives us that little extra savouring of life.

Sushi No Rice was started by a group of friends in Asia as a side project. So when it comes to the hard facts, we can only serve as information relays for the actual diet, exercise, and sleep experts. However, what we are experts in are being Regular, Busy People (RBP) implementing these lifestyles in our daily life and travel. We want to pass on our experience so others can understand the struggles as well as the victories. Leading relatively normal lives as RBP, we’ve found two tasks are the most difficult. The first is locating the right nutritional information on the food and drink options wherever we may be. The second is keeping up with the latest scientific information in the health trinity of diet, exercise, and sleep.

To address these two difficulties, we want to extend our community circle with Sushi No Rice. We hope whatever useful information we pass onto others will likewise be passed back to us in new restaurants, new dishes, and new nutrition that enables us to live and move more freely. It does not have to be at the sacrifice of health.